Instructor Combo : AIDA & MOLCHANOVS

US$ 1,703 - 9 to 11 days

  • 99 heures 59 minutes
  • 82,900 Philippine pisos
  • Tuble Road

Description du service

9 to 11 days You can choose to be AIDA and MOLCHANOVS (W2) Instructor by simply adding the AIDA or MOLCHANOVS Instructor requirements while completing your Instructor course. This offer only applies when you book this special combo. --- In order to be both: AIDA and MOLCHANOVS Instructor, our Instructor Trainer will make sure that : 1- You passed AIDA 2-4 exams with a 90% success rate (pen and paper) / or the Molchanovs Wave 1-3 exams (online) 2- You passed the AIDA Instructor exams (pen and paper) / or MOLCHANOVS Instructor exam (online) --- You will also need to demonstrate the following additional performance requirements: 1- Explain CNF/DNF and Monofin technique (can be done with Short bi-fin) 2- Performe DNF 60m and CNF 30m --- Includes: Theory & Exams, Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea, Open water session, Presentation, Internship Excludes Instructor Certifications fees (50 Eur for AIDA and 150 Euro for MOLCHANOVS), extra training, and Equipment Rental. --- A lunch break - 1,5 to 2hrs - will be scheduled every day during this course --- Price in USD is for reference only To confirm your booking, a PHP 8,000 - Deposit will be required at the end of your enrolment.

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