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MOLCHANOVS Instructor coursE

Looking to take your freediving journey to the next level? Taught by the leading educators in freediving, the Molchanovs Instructor Course is the next step in your freediving journey. In the Molchanovs Instructor Courses, you will get familiarized with specific techniques such as Dynamic No Fins (DNF) technique, Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) technique, Dynamic and constant weight with monofin technique, Mental preparation techniques (like attention deconcentration)...and much more.

Those are very interesting for any freedivers and you will learn how to teach them in a worthwhile way for each level!



Molchanovs has a fantastic community, a fun and challenging reward system via digital badges and Molchanovs keeps your customers engaged by offering free training. You will be going through the comprehensive theory package of the Molchanovs educational system. The operating cost of being an active Molchanovs instructor is by far the lowest in the industry, while their training systems are by far the most developed. At Freediving Planet you can sign up to the following levels of instructors:

Molchanovs Lap/Wave W2I - Lap/Wave W3I - Lap/Wave W4I

W2I is the first Molchanovs Instructor level and experienced master instructors can also directly crossover-over or, after having gathered some experience, to the Molchanovs Wave 3 Instructor Level (W3I). To apply to be a Molchanovs Wave 3 Instructor, you will need:

  1. An active Wave 2 Instructor (or equivalent from other agencies) certification

  2. Have at least 1 year of teaching experience as a Wave 2 Instructor (or equivalent from other agencies)

  3. Minimum of 50 certifications (of which a minimum of 10 Wave 1 and 10 Wave 2). Certifications from other agencies will count as 50%.


Performance requirements

​For Wave 2 Instructor (W2I):

  • Entry Exam (based on W1-2-3 courses)
  • STA 4’00”–5’00”
  • DNF 60m
  • DYN Monofin Technique
  • DYNB 100m
  • CWTB 40m with an 80–90 sec. dive time
  • CNF 30m with an appropriate dive time
  • FIM 40m with an appropriate dive time
  • 15m Stand-by Rescue (1 min. hang)
  • CO2 Dive 20m =>1 min of vertical finning, elbows above water, one full breath, then 20m CWT dive
  • Blackout Rescue 25m with a 50m tow incl. rescue breaths
  • Final Exam


Performance requirements

For Wave 3 Instructor (W3I):

  • STA 4’00”–5’00”

  • DNF 75m

  • DYNB 110m

  • CWTB 50m with a 100–110 sec. dive time

  • CNF 35m with an appropriate dive time

  • 20m Stand-by Rescue (1–2 min. hang)

  • CO2 Dive 25m =>1 min of vertical finning, elbows above water, one full breath, then 25m CWT dive incl. 5m freefall

  • Blackout Rescue 30m with a 50m tow incl. rescue breaths

  • Exam



Performance requirements

For Wave 4 Instructor (W4I):

POOL BASIC Requirements for Women and Men:

  • STA 4’45” woman - 5’00” man

  • DNF 90m woman - 110m man

  • DYNB 105m woman - 120m man

  • DYN Mono 120m woman -140m man

POOL Power Requirements for Women and Men (Pick one discipline):

  • STA 5’30” woman - 6’00” man

  • DNF 110m woman - 135m man

  • DYNB 130m woman - 145m man

  • DYN Mono 145m woman -175m man

OPEN WATER Requirements for Women and Men:

  • CWTB 53m woman -  60m man

  • CWT Mono 60m woman - 65m man

  • FIM 50m woman - 65m man

  • CNF 45m woman - 50m man

OPEN WATER Power Requirements for Women and Men (Pick one discipline):

  • CWTB 63m woman -  70m man

  • CWT Mono 72m woman - 80m man

  • FIM 65m woman - 75m man

  • CNF 45m woman - 60m man

OPEN WATER Further Requirements

  • 25m Stand-by Rescue (1–2 min. hang)

  • CO2 Dive 30m =>1 min of vertical finning, elbows above water, one full breath, then 30m CWT dive incl. 10m freefall

  • Blackout Rescue 35m with a 50m tow incl. rescue breaths

  • Retrieval of an incapacitated freediver 40m (pulley system)

  • Surface mouthfill dive to 18m with mask on FRC


Why us?

  • A dedicated training  will prepare you to succeed the course. 

  • We will share tips and tricks from our experience as freediving instructors, to give you more tools needed to become a certified, confident  and safe freediving instructor. We will spend a lot of time in the water to improve your freediving skills.

  • FREE INTERNSHIP Program. During this time, you will be assisting (class and in water) our Instructors when they are giving class, training, coaching. It is the best way to gather information, become familiar with the education standards, be with different students, observe different style of teaching, and learn your future job. 

  • It can be done after you pass your IC. The lenght of this internship is up to you, as you can stay with us a long as you want.  

WAVE  3 INSTRUCTOR Freediving Planet

What can you teach as W2 / W3 Instructor

As a Molchanovs Freediving instructor, you will have access to the online platform and online up to date material to teach, including manuals and videos, as well as the famous different Base training programming for you and your students. You will also stay involved and up-to-date in the community with monthly webinars hosted by our education board made exclusively for our Molchanovs professional team of instructors.


Your Instructor Trainer

Our AIDA, PADI and Molchanovs Freediver Instructor Course is a unique and a worldwide recognized program, conducted by our Instructor Trainer Jean-Pol Francois (JP), the pioneer in the freediving Education,  former head of AIDA Education, and one of the first PADI Instructor Trainer in Asia.  

Jean-Pol Francois is the co-founder of Freediving Planet, a brand that aims to deliver high-quality education. He has used his 34 years of experience in teaching, coaching, judging freediving to set the well recognized worldwide Education standards within AIDA International Freediving. 


By following Jean-Pol's guidance, training, coaching, and mentorship, you will be trained to the highest standards in the freediving industry by one of the pioneer. We will make sure to provide you the most up to date knowledge in freediving.

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