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CROSS OVER to Instructor course

You are already an active Freediver Instructor from a recognized Freedive agency and you would like to widen your services offer. With Freediving Planet Instructor Cross-over program, you can become Instructor with AIDA, MOLCHANOVS or PADI Freediver without starting over. All our Instructor Cross-over courses are a condensed version of our full courses, consisting of several academic, confined, open water sessions and examinations.




The goal of this AIDA Cross-over course is to get you familiar with AIDA Standards and Philosophy

Duration: 5 days.

To enroll in an AIDA Instructor Crossover Course, you must:

  • Provide a copy of your current Freedive Instructor Certification;

  • Pass the entry exams with 90% (AIDA 2 to 4 Exams => online);

  • Pass all the Pool and Open Water performance requirements of the AIDA IC;

  • Have a First Aid Certificate (not older than 2 years)


You will have to follow theory sessions:

  • Course Introduction;

  • Learning and Communication;

  • Conducting a classroom session;

  • Conducting a pool session;

  • Conducting an open water session;

  • Budgeting, Marketing and Planning;

  • Risk Management;

  • Warmup and Breathing cycle.

You will have to pass the 3 written final exams + a Special Presentation


Cross Over to Molchanovs INSTRUCTOR

Minimum standards to enroll


The goal of this Crossover course is to get you familiar with Molchanovs Standards and Philosophy.

Duration: 5 days.

To enroll in a Molchanovs Instructor Crossover course, you must:

  • Provide  a proof of your active Instructor Certification from other Agency;

  • Pass the W2I Entry Online Exam with a score of 90%;

  • Have a First Aid Certificate (not older than 2 years)


You will have to follow theory sessions:

  • C1 Welcome and Introduction;

  • C2 Classroom Presentation and Knowledge Review;

  • C3 Relaxation,Breathing and Mental Techniques;

  • C4 Teaching Frameworks: FEDOF, Feedback Theory & Practice;

  • C5 Skills Discussion: Pool;

  • C6 Skills Discussion: Open Water;

  • C7 Business & Marketing;

  • C8 Risk Management;

  • C9  Online (Remote) Teaching


You will have to pass the online W2I Final exam.

static apnea.jpg


Minimum standards to enroll


Freediver instructors from other training organizations can cross over to PADI via the PADI Freediver Instructor Orientation. It is assumed that crossover candidates have experience and teaching ability, so the program does not develop teaching skill. Instead, it focuses on learning about the PADI organization and how to conduct the PADI Freediver program.

Duration: 1 day.

To enroll in a PADI Freediver Instructor Orientation, a candidate must meet the following certification and training requirements:

  • Other organization qualifying freediver instructor level;

  • 18 years old or older;

  • Emergency First Response (CPR/first aid) not older than 2 years;

  • Current PADI medical statement signed by a physician within 12 months


You will have to follow theory sessions:

  • Course Orientation;

  • PADI Freediver Course: Overview and Standards;
  • Organizing and Marketing Freediving;
  • Care for the Environment


You will receive access to the PADI Freediver + PADI Advanced + PADI Master eLearning and you will have to read and pass the online Knowledge Review and Exams of the 3 courses.


You will have to pass the PADI Freediver Instructor written final exam.


Performance requirements
(Pool and Open Water)


  • STA 4’00”–5’00”

  • DYNB performance at least 90m

  • DNF performance of at least 50m

  • CWTB dive to a depth of 40-50m

  • CNF to 20m

  • FIM dive to a depth of 40-50m

  • Long CWTB 30m Dive of at least 1:30

  • Long FIM 30m dive of at least 2:00

  • Deep rescue (25m) rescue followed immediately by 50m tow

  • Hang at 15m for up to one minute followed by rescue

  • Stamina test 1 minute surface standby followed 20m CWT dive

Molchanovs W2I :

  • STA 4’00”–5’00”

  • DYNB 100m

  • DNF 60m

  • DYN Monofin Technique

  • CWTB 40m with an 80–90 sec. dive time

  • CNF 30m with an appropriate dive time

  • FIM 40m with an appropriate dive time

  • 15m Stand-by Rescue (1 min. hang)

  • CO2 Dive =>1 min of vertical finning with elbows above surface, one full breath, then a 20m CWT dive)

  • Blackout Rescue 25m with a 50m tow incl. rescue breaths

Molchanovs W3I  :

  • STA 4'30"

  • DYNB 100m

  • DNF 75m

  • CWTB 50m

  • FIM 50m

  • CNF 35m

  • Deep Rescue 30m rescue + 50m surface tow incl. rescue breaths

  • 20m Stand-by rescue (minimum 60s)

  • + Exams

PADI Orientation:

Since you are already an active certified Instructor (AIDA or W2I), there are no pool or open water requirements  to pass the PADI Orientation.

Minimum standards to enroll


Why us?

  • PROFESSIONAL => Freediving Planet has a Team of Professional and experienced Instructors who will share with you their knowledge, skills and passion for Freediving.

  • PREPARATION => A dedicated training will prepare you to succeed your course: we offer Internship programs to prepare you (Master and Instructor).

  • TECHNIQUES => We will share tips from our experience as Freediving Instructors, to help and assist you to become a certified, confident  and safe Freediving Instructor. We will spend a lot of time in the water with you to improve your Freediving skills (pool and open water). More than only Freediving Instructors, we define ourselves as Technicians.

  • FREE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM => Once you are certified as an Instructor you can join our Free Internship program. During this time, you will be assisting (class and in water) our Instructors when they are giving classes, training, coaching. It is the best way to gather information, become more familiar with the education standards, be with different students, observe different style of teaching, and learn your future job. The lenght of your internship is up to you, as you can stay with us a long as you want.  

Minimum standards to enroll

WAVE  3 INSTRUCTOR Freediving Planet

What can you teach as AIDA or Molchanovs or PADI Instructor?

As an AIDA Instructor, you can  access  your AIDA account and all updated teaching materials. You will be able join the FB group of AIDA Instructors.

An AIDA Instructor can teach :

  • AIDA1-2-3 courses 

  • Speciality courses if you are also an AIDA Judge

  • Monofin course level 1

As a Molchanovs Instructor, you will have access to the online platform and online up to date material to teach, including manuals and videos, as well as the famous Base training programs for you and your students. You will also stay involved and up-to-date in the community with regular webinars hosted by our education board made exclusively for our Molchanovs professional team of instructors.

As a PADI Freediver Instructor, you can teach the PADI Basic Freediver (Theory + Pool) and the PADI Freediver (Theory + Pool + Open Water) courses.

Minimum standards to enroll


Your Instructor Trainer

Our AIDA, Molchanovs and PADI Freediver Instructor course is a unique and a worldwide recognized program, conducted by the AIDA Instructor Trainer Jean-Pol Francois (JP), the pioneer in the freediving Education,  the former head of AIDA Education, and one of the first PADI Instructor Trainer in Asia.  

Jean-Pol Francois is the co-founder of Freediving Planet, a brand that aims to deliver high-quality education. He has used his more than 30 years of experience in teaching, coaching, judging freediving to set the well recognized worldwide Education standards within AIDA International Freediving. 

By following Jean-Pol's guidance, training, coaching, and mentorship, you will be trained to the highest standards in the freediving industry by one of the pioneers. We will make sure to provide you the most up to date knowledge and skills in freediving.

Minimum standards to enroll

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