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PADI Freediver Instructor course details



  • PADI Freediver course standards and procedures

  • Learning and Instruction

  • Teaching Skills and Supervising Freedivers

  • Safety and Risk Management

  • Freediving Physiology and Psychology

  • Organizing and Marketing Freediving

  • There is also a Care for the Environment topic and a written final exam.

FOR MORE DETAILS please. check this GUIDELINE (English)

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Performances requirements (by Freediving Planet)

Skills to demonstrate with mastery:

  • Relaxation Breathing; Last Breath; Recovery Breathing;

  • Relaxation during the static; No ‘pushy’ attitude; Buddy in Static;

  • Dynamic techniques: Bi fins – Monofin

  • (optional) - No Fin (optional) Turning in Dynamic; Buddy in Dynamic; Dynamic Rescue exercise; Safety in Static and Dynamic (LMC – BO) Duck dive;

  • Body position in deep dives;
    Line orientation; Finning technique; Turning technique; Budy procedure; Lanyard use; Rescue exercises in depth;

Performances to pass:

  • Static 3’00 min; Dynamic 60m min; CWT to 30m min; FIM to 30m min; Rescue BO at 20m followed by a 50m tow on the surface while providing rescue breaths and/or CPR

Passing the PADI Instructor Exam (75%)

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Why us?

  • A dedicated training  will prepare you to succeed the course. 

  • We will share tips and tricks from our experience as freediving instructors, to give you more tools needed to become a certified, confident  and safe freediving instructor. We will spend a lot of time in the water to improve your freediving skills.

  • FREE INTERNSHIP Program. During this time, you will be assisting (class and in water) our Instructors when they are giving class, training, coaching. It is the best way to gather information, become familiar with the education standards, be with different students, observe different style of teaching, and learn your future job. 

  • It can be done before your start your IC and / or after your IC. The lenght of this internship is up to you, as you can stay with us a long as you want.  


What can you teach as an PADI Instructor

  • PADI Basic Freediver

  • PADI Freediver

  • ..after 25 certifications you can upgrade to PADI Advanced Instructor

  • ..after 25 certifications more, upgrade to PADI Master Instructor


Your Instructor Trainer

Our AIDA and PADI Freediver Instructor course is a unique and a worldwide recognized program, conducted by the AIDA Instructor Trainer Jean-Pol Francois (JP), the pioneer in the freediving Education,  the head of AIDA Education, and one of the first PADI Instructor Trainer in Asia.  

Jean-Pol Francois is the co-founder of Freediving Planet, a brand that aims to deliver high-quality education. He has used his 30 years of experience in teaching, coaching, judging freediving to set the well recognized worldwide Education standards within AIDA International Freediving. 

He is now closely collaboration with PADI Freediver to develop a PADI Freediver Instructor Development program. By following Jean-Pol's guidance, training, coaching, and mentorship, you will be trained to the highest standards in the freediving industry by one of the pioneer. We will make sure to provide you the most up to date knowledge in freediving.

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