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Our Stainless steel double-wall Bamboo Lid Vacuum Insulated bottle is a high-performance and simple solution to keep your drink temperature hot up to 8 hours or cold up to 10 hours


Our insulated bottle is light (just 200 grs), simple, elegant, with wide opening making it extremely easy to clean and fashionable for daily use (in your office and outdoor).

It is a stylish replacement for single-use water bottles, to-go mugs, coffee cups, and cold drink plastic cup. The inside won't get stained from the electrolytes you might be using with your water.


The bottle is sleek, BPA-free, doesn’t sweat, doesn’t leak, is easy to handle, fits car beverage holders. The lid has a large D-ring which allow you to clip on it a small carabiner. It will be ready to follow you everywhere, securily attached on your backpack. 

It is also, made with High grade Stainless Steel, which allow you to bring it on your freediving buoy during your diving session. We are making sure that you keep well hydrated during your activities.  

Insulated double-wall Bottle 350 ml / 12 oz - ECO FRIENDLY

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