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Freediving Planet Yamamoto Vest is made with the following material for each side: 

  • Super Smooth Technology Yamamoto  SCS in Glide skin
  • Superelastic lining color Freedown - High Performance wetsuit or for everyday training.
  • Sleeveless design for the vest especially cut to protect your core and to give you extra warm
  • Very flexible and resistant


One side is made with the Superskin Free Down, High Performance competitor wetsuit for freediving from Bestdive Wetsuit. The other side is made with superstretch nylon black color. 

The suit is made of high quality Yamomoto neoprene. It is made with a new Yamamoto  Super Composite Skin (SCS) Nano Smoothskin/Superskin outside for a streamlined efficiency and glide. 

The other side is made with Super elastic lining to keep you warm and to make the wetsuit more resistance to tears.  

Some technical details : 

Super Composite Skin (SCS) Nano
This SCS Nano is the most hydrodynamic, with a very low underwater coefficient of dynamic friction. Nano Technology above the new Superskin in several colours with a special Ultra-Slide rubber outside for high speed performance / super-soft rubber elastic, warmth, visible and perfect for freediving competitions. 

Nano Superskin Yamamoto 

Yamamoto  is a top of the range neoprene product with great elasticity to reduce resistance to tears. 

With a higher resistance to compression (pressure at depth diving), it maintains its special features at depth: extra-stretchy, extra-comfortable and extra-warm.

SuperElastic lining - BLACK COLOR
Warm and durable wetsuit coating, very resistant to tears, easier to wear and comfortable either when worn dry or wet.

  • MEN : Design is All Bleu
  • WOMEN design : Silver and Blue


1.5 mm thickness is perfect for water temperature above 28  degres or to give you extra warm under your wetsuit.

Elastic, soft and durable, it is a Great choice for recreational and competitive freediving. 
Best dive unique stitching technique guarantees unmatched comfort. 

Made in China 
Weight : 0.3 kg 

Inner vest SuperSkin Yamamoto 1.5 mm

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